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Team Building – Corporate Event Sailing

We offer a robust Team Building Sailing Program that organizations use for many purposes; as rewards; to build camaraderie among new or changing teams; to learn new skills and insights for achieving better results in their organizations. Sailing is rich with business client button parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership.

The Pacifica Sailing Charters Team Challenge” is a 3-hour team-building sailing regatta which creates a unique opportunity for a company to enhance the team spirit of a select group of participants.

We split up groups into smaller teams of six sailors per yacht. Along with our US Coast Guard Licensed Skipper/ Team Building leader and crewman, we guide and instruct all participants in the rudiments of sailing as they practice in a fun, teambuilding sailing race.

The participants can use their new skills in the challenge of competition and working together as a cooperating team.

All yachts involved use the team work needed to sail and win the race. The sail is not over strenuous for any of the participants. Participants should be in average health conditions to compete.

Need to accommodate a larger party?

We have also added a beautiful 82′ America’s Cup Race Boat, beautifully restored and ready to accommodate up to 24 guests. This boat is perfect for Team Building and Bachelorette Parties.

Team Building: Team building may be boring at work, but on Stars & Stripes, it is FUN! America’s Cup Class race boats, because of their size, power and complexity, demand a level of teamwork rarely seen anywhere else.

Every maneuver from raising a sail to tacking or jibing, requires communication, cooperation and teamwork from every member of the crew. There is no better training platform on which to learn the skills necessary to work together towards a common goal.

If teambuilding is your priority, we can create a Custom Program for your group.

This can include:

  • America’s Cup history overview
  • Dockside instruction on individual crew functions
  • Hands on instruction and rotation through all crew positions while underway

Work together as you handle the lines and sail the ship through beautiful San Diego Bay or into the ocean to watch the dolphins and whales, as well as tons of sea life.

USA-11 was used by Dennis Conner in his 1995 campaign as a trial horse and then sold to the US Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge to be used in the 2000 America’s Cup races. After surviving several hurricanes, including one that sunk her, USA-11 was purchased in 2002, shipped to Miami to be completely refurbished and then sent across the country to be part of the San Francisco Challenge Series fleet. In 2006, she was brought home to San Diego.

Do you have a Large Team Building Event you would like to have?

Do you have a Competitive Group of Sales People that want to race each other and learn the art of sailing while having the best time in their lives?

Then this challenge is for YOU. This Team Building Sailing Challenge on the San Diego Bay is a great way to bring your people together and reward hard working employees with the experience of a lifetime.

Sailing for everyone

This Team Building Sailing event is designed for everyone, sailors and non-sailors alike, yung and old. Previous sailing experience is not required and physical condition is never an issue, it’s about teamwork and a desire to win!

Comfortable seating is available in a protected cockpit so no one gets wet! Sailing is done on the flat protected waters of San Diego’s stunning bay. Sunny and 75 degree temperatures allow for year round sailing.

Our friendly captains will get each team up to speed with boat handling skills and patiently teach them how to race the boat.

We organize everyone into groups of four to six persons and introduce each group to their U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain. Your captain will provide a safety orientation, assign crew positions and demonstrate how to work together as a team and win!

All yachts will proceed to the starting area to check-in with the race committee. Each yacht will have a copy of the race course, starting sequence, times and sailing terminology, Just like the professional sailors.

We allow each team plenty of time to practice crew positions and work together as a team before the start of the race. Using horns and flags the race committee initiates the countdown to start and the race officially begins. A rating system allows for handicapping so all are equal when judged at the finish.

Total racing time is typically 2.5 hours and can be adjusted to meet your schedule. There’s plenty of action, tacking upwind, rounding the marks and running downwind. Before returning to the dock for the awards celebration, each yacht will have the duration of the regatta to pleasure sail and explore the bay.

Our 27′ Catalina 5 Boat Race Fleet:

Break your teams up into 4-6 persons each boat and race our 27′ Catalina fleet. We have five boats and can accommodate 30 persons for this unique and exciting challenge. Each boat comes with an experienced skipper, water, and snacks.

Our 29′ Catalina 8 Boat Race Fleet:

Break your teams up into 4-6 persons each boat and race our 29′ Catalina fleet. We have eight boats and can accommodate 48 persons for this unique and exciting challenge. Each boat comes with an experienced skipper, water, and snacks.

Need more boats? How about combining fleets to handle up to 78 persons?!

Break your teams up into 4-6 persons each boat and race our entire fleet. That makes 13 boats that can accommodate up to 78 persons for this unique and exciting challenge. Each boat comes with an experienced skipper, water, and snacks.

Both fleets are approximately 3-4 hours each, unless otherwise specified.

These challenges come complete with comittee boat, pin, starters / snacks / water and race committee to run the race.


Choose from a wide variety of catering options: snack baskets, delicious box lunches including deli style sandwiches, fresh fruits, pasta salads and desserts or a classic wine and cheese affair. Cooler options include: assorted iced sodas, bottled water and other beverages. Our menu features many catering options and is available upon request.

Regatta Wear:

Official t-shirts are available to remind the crew of their regatta experience.


A professional photographer and a chase boat can be arranged for high quality video and still images of the event.